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The Weitzman Group helps for-sale and for-rent residential developers create and implement appropriate strategies to enhance project marketability. Our expertise with marketing strategies meshes with our knowledge of property operations, development planning, architecture, and financial feasibility to offer comprehensive advice.

We work in close collaboration with the developer and its marketing agent, as well as other stakeholders involved in a project. In essence, we function as part of the in-house development team, working as an advocate for our client’s interests in the promotion and selling or leasing activities at the development. We view the marketing services role as having several types of responsibilities, taken on entirely by The Weitzman Group or in shared effort with the development team:

  1. Determining the appropriate branding and aesthetic that should be adopted to effectively market the project to the target market;
  2. Strategically planning and executing a roll-out of the project into the public forum, utilizing both public relations efforts and limited advertising, with the overall goal of creating awareness among the target market; and,
  3. Formulating a sales/leasing and marketing schedule and program, including the determination of appropriate staffing levels and marketing partners in strategic domestic and international markets (as applicable), necessary vendors, and the outlining of specific job roles and skill sets required to effectively represent, market the development.

As part of the overall marketing effort for a new development, The Weitzman Group is capable of participating in, or supervising, the marketing agent’s formulation of a marketing plan and the process of sourcing, interviewing, and hiring all of the vendors and team members that will be necessary to market the project. This effort includes all of the bidding processes and contract negotiations necessary to achieve the greatest value for the development.

Our objective is to relieve the developer of some of the burden of orchestrating the marketing effort, and to mitigate risk to the debt and investor positions in the development by providing independent oversight of the promotional and sales/leasing effort. In every regard, we plan and execute our work as if we were the developer, and present our client with our opinions and recommendations at every decision node as we move forward together.

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